• A team can comprise of up to 2 members.
  • Each team will have 10 minutes to show off their DJing skills.
  • The judges will score you from 1-10.
  • Top two highest scores will compete in the final round.
  • The final 2 teams will have 10 minutes each, split into two halves of 5 minutes, to please the crowd and the judges.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Stage Performance - Are you owning the stage? The judge is looking for a performance from you. Whether its 'fist pumping' or dancing in front of the crowd, you need to be moving !
  2. Programming / Crowd Reaction - Are you getting the crowd amped up? Are you reading the crowd and playing the right songs? If the crowd isn’t feeling you, then the judges certainly won't!
  3. Technical Ability - How well do you own your craft? Scratching, Mixing, Beat Juggling or Drumming. Do you own this remix? If you are just playing the song, expect to be eliminated.