Maha Tattva is the cause of creation, the cosmological foundation of the universe and everything in it. They are the five elements that make up our ultimate reality - Agni(Fire), Jala(Water), Vayu(Wind), Prithvi(Earth), and Aakash(Sky)

Everything, living or non-living, is a physical combination and manifestation of these 5 elements in the relative world.

  • The performance should be based upon/showcase atleast 1 of the 5 elements
  • Time limit: 7+ 1 minutes (including stage set up).
  • Each team should have minimum 10 members and maximum 20 members
  • Only one team from each college will be allowed to participate.
  • Any sort of vulgarity will lead to disqualification.
  • One representative of the performing team must be present at the console during performance.
  • Teams are required to bring their good quality music in an MP3 format on a PENDRIVE and a back up copy should be submitted to the coordinator at least 2 hrs before the event.
  • The decision of the judges will be final.