• 2 Participants in a team
  • Partcipants will not be allowed to carry their mobile phones or any electronic devices
  • The event will compramise of two rounds
Round 1- G.K: India
  • The first round will be a written text containing 15 multiple choice questions
  • Only 6 teams will be selected for the final STAGE ROUND
  • In case of a tie, both the teams will proceed to the stage round
  • Each correct answer carries 5 points and a wrong answer will deduct 2 points
Round 2- G.K: World
  • Each team will asked 10 questions and will given 30 seconds to answer it.
  • If the team is unable to answer it, the question will be passed on to the subsequent and they will have 15 seconds to answer to it.
  • Each correct answer carries 10 points and a wrong answer will deduct 4 points
  • The team with the highest score will be declared as the winner